Awesome Features

Votly App has a full social media fetures from posting to sharing to profiling

  • User Profiles

    Create your personalized VOTLY profile and join a growing community of opinion-sharers.

  • Poll Creation

    Easily create engaging polls in seconds with our user-friendly poll builder." "Choose from a variety of question types and customize your polls with images, text, or videos.

  • Poll Browsing & Voting

    Discover and vote on polls that interest you with our intuitive browsing system." "Voice your opinion and see real-time results instantly.

  • Poll Sharing

    Share your polls with friends, family, and the VOTLY community, or embed them on your website or blog.

  • Trending Polls & Topics

    Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and popular polls with our curated trending section.

  • Analytics & Insights

    Track your poll performance and voter demographics with our powerful analytics tools.

Meet Our CTO

Join our CTO in this engaging TV interview as they discuss the inspiration behind VOTLY, its core features, and how our app is revolutionizing the way people share opinions and gather insights. Get an inside look at the innovative technology and vision that drives VOTLY forward in the world of social polling..

Value Proposition

Explore Genuine Opinions with Votly

User-Centric Experience

An intuitive interface for easy poll creation, browsing, and participation, catering to both casual and professional users.

Community & Connection

Fostering a diverse, inclusive community where users connect, share ideas, and engage in meaningful discussions..

Real-time Insights

Obtain instant feedback and measure customer satisfaction through real-time poll results and advanced analytics.

Enhanced Engagement

Encourage user interaction and engagement through a gamified experience, incentivizing customers to share their honest opinions.

Wide Audience Reach

Leverage Votly's user base and social sharing features to reach a diverse audience for unbiased and representative results.

Customizable Polls

Tailor polls to fit specific business needs, targeting unique customer segments or focusing on particular products or services.

Core Features

Discover and engage with AI-generated and user-created polls in a personalized, rewarding experience that fosters community and insights."

AI-Generated Content

Our innovative AI technology converts news articles into interactive polls, providing fresh, engaging content for users to explore and discuss.

Smart Algorithm

Our advanced algorithm curates a personalized feed of user-generated and AI-generated polls, ensuring a tailored and engaging experience for each user.

Incentive & Rewards

Users Can earn coins by participating in polls and redeem them in our giveaway store, adding an exciting element of gamification to the polling experience.

Unlocking Benefits for Individuals, Corporates, and Governments

VOTLY offers a versatile platform that caters to the unique needs of individuals, businesses, and government entities, enabling them to harness the power of collective intelligence for better decision-making and insights.

  • Market and Research Tool: Ideal for market research and various studies, empowering users to gather valuable data and insights to drive informed decisions..
  • Individuals: Engage with a diverse community, sharing opinions and gaining insights into current trends and public sentiment.
  • Corporates: Conduct efficient market research, identify consumer preferences, and boost brand engagement through interactive content.
  • Governments:Gauge public opinion, encourage civic participation, and gather insights for data-driven decision-making.
  • Collaborative Environment: Foster partnerships between individuals, businesses, and governments to drive innovation and positive change.
  • Comprehensive Research Platform: Combining AI-generated content, user-created polls, and advanced analytics, VOTLY offers a powerful solution for diverse research needs.

Thounsands Total Downloads


Millions Useful Polls


Million Opinions in Comments


Millions Votes

Intuitive Interface

Explore Votly's intuitive interface through app screenshots, showcasing the seamless poll creation process, personalized feed, and engaging polling experience for sharing opinions, collecting insights, and connecting with a vibrant community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Votly is a social polling app that allows users to create, discover, and participate in AI-generated and user-created polls, fostering a community for sharing opinions and insights

To create a poll, simply tap the "Plus" button within the app, choose your question type, enter your question and options, and customize your poll with images or other media.

Votly's AI-generated content feature converts news articles into interactive polls, providing fresh and engaging content for users to explore and discuss.

Votly uses an advanced algorithm to curate a personalized feed of user-generated and AI-generated polls based on your interests, activity, and interactions within the app.

You can earn coins by participating in polls, and redeem them in the giveaway store for various rewards, adding a gamification element to your polling experience.

To share your polls, tap the "Share" icon on the poll and choose the desired platform or method to share it with friends, family, or on social media.

Yes, Votly is a versatile platform ideal for market research, gathering customer feedback, identifying consumer preferences, and conducting various studies.

Votly takes data privacy and security seriously, implementing strong encryption and adhering to industry best practices to protect user data.

Yes, Votly is available for download on both Android and iOS devices, ensuring a seamless experience across different platforms.

If you have any questions or issues, you can contact Votly's support team through the app's "Help" or "Contact Us" section, or by emailing them at

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