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We are the first app to build a robust polling infrastructure, We are on the cusp of becoming the go-to social polling app for young people around the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

We give you experience points with each interaction you make or when people interact with you:
- When you vote for users polls
- When users vote for your polls
- When you share a poll
- When you follow a user
- When a user follows you
These points are accumulated and converted into gold coins every time you collect 100 experience points, as follows:
100 XP = 1 Golden Coin.

- You can pay with golden coins to make an acquisition of any poll to have it under your name in the (Blazed Polls) section, so you get the chance to increase the number of voters in the acquired poll.
- You can also exchange Golden coins with real money soon, which we will then transfer to your registered Bank Account free of charge.

You can do Blazing of a specific poll to be under your name and become eligible to increase the number of available votes. This happens by tapping the “Flame” icon that appears under the vote, choosing the type of the acquisition and paying with your golden coins available in your current balance.

When you add a valued question, your poll will have a chance to be acquired by members. In this case, your name will appear with the acquirer's name in the (Trends) section and you will get experience points for each vote and thus get more golden coins. For example: If someone acquired your poll for 10 golden coins, these 10 golden coins will be transferred to you when 10,000 people have voted on your poll.
Thus, the chances of you collecting golden coins will increase as your poll becomes more valuable and useful.

To Level Up From Starter to voter you need to collect 75000 XP. which means you need to vote to 75K polls, BUT if you add only 75 Question you will get 75K XPs easily and LEVEL UP TO VOTER.

Can I Buy Levels ? This feature wil be available soon!.

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